09 December 2007

Students With Different Political Beliefs Unite


Despite advanced security measures and preparations by the regime's suppressive security forces , the students Human Rights and Democracy

of the Tehran University and other universities gathered to protest against the regime's recent arrests of a number of students. The students chanted " Down with the dictator" and demanded the immediate release of the arrested students.

It is reported by the 'Human Rights Activists in Iran' that after breaking through the 16th Azar gate of the Tehran University , students from other universities and polytechnics joined Tehran University students. They sang 'Yare Dabestani' (school mate) song which has now become a revolutionary song whilst moving towards the engineering faculty of the University where they held a free tribune ceremony. 7 speakers from different political backgrounds and representations displayed an unprecedented and exciting united front and solidarity.

The first speaker was the representative of the Kurdish students who outlined the plight of the Kurds and reiterated that Iranian kurds are not separatists and regarded the cities of Kermanshah and Ilam (Western provinces) as the worst victims of the regimes atrocities against the Iranian ethnic groups and minorities.

Then Rashid Esmaili endorsing the first speaker, stated that "where ever there is a Kurd, that place is Iran".

Mahdieh Golco, the representative of Alameh University and other reps spoke of their discontent about the suppression and arrests of the students.

The socialist students rep announced and stated his excitement that their united movement now includes all political and ethnic groups.

Salman Sima, an Azad Universty rep spoke of the uni's dire conditions and sarcastically announced that Mr Jaberi is about to inaugurate a new Azad Islamic University in Evin prison (a notorious prison where political prisoners are tortured and held in solitary confinements). This was a reference to the recent 5 students who have joined hundreds of already arrested others.

the students then sang the revolutionary anthem and chanted " down with the dictator", "referendum, referendum, this is the demand of the Mardum (people)", and "arrested students must be released now" whilst moving towards the university's main gate. The security forces tried to prevent the students from getting to the main entrance but were outnumbered by the large number of students.

However, the regime's forces had parked 12 buses on the main street to block the people's view of the university grounds and prevent them from joining the students.

At the end of the demo, the students gathered in circles and held hands. A few students were arrested and taken away.

To see more photos of the demo click here


Tari from USA said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and all the courageous people you post about.

b namus said...

a sustained and constant resistance is necessary...this is quite inspirational